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What we offer?

Wine Connect

When most people think of wine, they think of memorable social occasions, vacations in famous wine regions, and a wealthy industry. With the assets available to us in the real world and the combination of blockchain technologies with limited digital assets, we target these thoughts and created an exclusive and unique token that combines both worlds.

Exclusive Events

Annual hosted events to reward and celebrate the top holders of our token. Connect and socialize with representatives from other industries and get a taste of your personal NFT wine asset.

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Unique Tickets

Every year, the top holders of our token will get a unique NFT which is connected to a real-world wine asset. This NFT is also the ticket and holds the information to participate in our hosted events.

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Wine Connect Token

A unique and unprecedented token that is based on competition, continuous holder rewards and connected to real-world assets through the combination with NFTs.

Holder Rewards and Staking

Receive random air drops and earn tokens through reflection. We also offer the possibility to stake BTC in Wine Connect for a fixed dividend distributed through our token.

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Annual hosted events to reward and celebrate top holders

Networking At Its Finest

Our hosted events are not only great to taste delicious wine but also to connect and socialize with representatives from various industries. The perfect opportunity to gather new business relations or have a wonderful evening with friends and wine enthusiasts on an exclusive winery.

To ensure a successful event, we guarantee full service, a beautiful location and of course the best regional wine and food.

Time and location will be given to the top holders of our token. Only ticket owners will be able to request this information. The details of the event will change every year to keep the exclusivity and surprise effect up.

Exclusive Events

Top holders of our Wine Connect token will be rewarded and celebrated through our annual hosted event on exclusive wineries. The location and the top holder limit will change every year to guarantee a thrilled and competitive holder battle. Tickets are unique NFT air drops and will hold all the information about the event.

Unique Tickets

To add a unique and tradable value to our event tickets we developed a special NFT ticket system. Each NFT ticket features a wine bottle of a specific vintage with individual, unique labels. A different vintage is designated each year to further enhance the rarity of the NFTs.
All tickets will be air dropped to selected holders of our Wine Connect token.

Non fungible Token (NFT)

To link the NFTs to a real-world asset, each bottle pictured is a real-world asset of a selected winery and can be picked up by the owner at any time. Wine Connect NFTs are air dropped or can be traded.


Each ticket is tradable and transferable to another person at any time. If the ticket is sold or transferred the connected real-world asset and upcoming event entrance also transfers to the receiving person.

QR Code

Each connected real-world asset has a scannable qr code attached to it. The scanned code points to the NFT ticket in the blockchain and gives detailed information about it.


Holders of a ticket have the opportunity to participate and enter our exclusive events. A ticket is bound to one event and can be obtained through a Wine Connect token investment.

Continues token holder rewards and the chance to receive air drops


Wine Connect is listed on PancakeSwap. To swap, BNB Coins are needed which can be purchased on Binance or similar exchange platforms.

Swap BNB to Wine Connect

We prepared a quickguide if you need further help on purchasing Wine Connect on PancakeSwap.


Receive Wine Connect tokens in form of passive staking while investing in our wineries with Bitcoin. A weekly dividend is distributed to all investors at a fixed rate.

Invest with Bitcoin

Earn up to 4% weekly!
Distributed in Wine Connect tokens.

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To simplify the swap, we deployed a contract which swaps your incoming BNB automatically to Wine Connect tokens and send it back to your wallet.

Send BNB to our contract

Please only send BNB to this contract!
Wine Connect tokens get sent back to your wallet.

Binance Smart Chain

Wine Connect Token

Our token determines which holders are eligible and get invited to our annual exclusive events. Therefore, each investment in the token increases the chance to become a top holder and be able to attend those events.

To encourage also small investors in buying in and hold the token, we will initiate random air drops from time to time in form of tokens or even real-live assets, for example exclusive wine bottles, combined with a NFT.


Wine Connect runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which is owned by largest trading platform in the world, Binance. This ensures low transaction fees and fast processing time.

During each transaction four simple functions occur:

2% is Redistributed to all existing holders.

LP Acquisition
2% is added to the liquidity pool to create a stable price floor.

Marketing Fee
3% is added to a dedicated marketing wallet to fund marketing, utility development and community management.

Event Fee
3% is added to a dedicated event wallet to add additional funds for our annual events.

Token Supply
1,000,000,000,000 WICT

750,000,000,000 WICT

200,000,000,000 WICT

50,000,000,000 WICT

Locked Liquidity - $ 50,000 initial liquidity locked



  • Identify the Project and determine which chain should be utilized

    We wanted to create a project that values our assets and wineries, but also has value for future holders and exclusive rewards that not only brings revenue but also to gather interested parties in hosted events.

    Ethereum is an obvious choice, but in favor of lower gas fees and transaction speed the Binance Smart Chain was the winner for our token and overall project.

    February 2022

  • Build Website and create Social Media Channels

    As our project contains multiple parts that are connected, we needed a website that is informational yet easy to navigate. To accomplish this, we turned from pre-made templates to a custom-made website.

    To get up and hold the momentum of our project and also to inform holders and interested parties, the use of social media channels is mandatory, and therefore we created all necessary channels and customized them to reflect our corporate identity.

    August 2022

  • Create Contract and and start Marketing

    The token and the NFT contracts are being deployed and tested on the testnet before going live.

    Marketing is starting by creating videos, posts and general awareness on the project through news articles.

    September 2022


    Our token and staking service will go live! With already created marketing material, we are going to start to form a loyal holder base and gather new holders by spreading the project via multiple social media and news channels.

    Oktober 2022

  • Exchange Listings and Volume Gain

    We will request first listings on exchanges and gather more holders through excessive marketing to gain significant volume on the token.

    December 2022

  • Air Drops and Event Teaser

    NFT Tickets and random Air drops will be prepared. From time to time, air drops containing tokens or even assets will occur on random holders.

    First, information about the event will be shared with our holders through video teasers and images.

    Q1 2023

  • Ticket AirDrops to Top holders

    Information about time and location will be given to the top holders of our token. Only ticket owners will be able to request this information.

    First exclusive Event (2023)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Questions?

We offer several ways to buy Wine Connect tokens or exchange them with existing BNB. First of, you can invest into our wineries with Bitcoin and earn additional tokens through passive staking. If you are not interested in staking or just want to buy additional tokens, you can swap your existing BNB on PancakeSwap or use our custom contract.

More information on staking Guide on how to purchase and swap BNB on PancakeSwap

All holders of our Wine Connect token benefit from the redistribution on every transaction. Furthermore, air drops will occur on random holders from time to time to reward them with a bag of Wine Connect tokens or even NFTs which contain real-world assets.

If you are among the top holders on our event ticket air drop, you can attend an exclusive event hosted by us.

To encourage not only big holders but also give small investors a chance to get exclusive rewards, we will continuously trigger air drops to random holders, no matter how much their holding is.

Air drops can contain Wine Connect tokens to stake up the current holdings but can also contain an NFT which is connected to an exclusive real-world asset, for example wine bottles.

All assets from our NFTs are securely stored in our wineries. Every NFT contains all necessary information to their associated real-world asset. 

Holders of such an NFT can pick up their asset in person or contact us at any time to let it delivered to a given address.

You can invest directly into our wineries via Bitcoin and get weekly rewards distributed in form of Wine Connect tokens.

More information on staking

We will air drop tickets (NFT) to all top holders of our Wine Connect token. Only ticket owners will be able to request the time and location about the upcoming event. More information about when the air drops are coming will be revealed in the upcoming months and weeks.

Do you have further questions?

Contact us about anything related to our products or company. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

For further assistance, you can also join our social media channels and ask your questions there.

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