Invest into our Wineries

Earn Rewards by staking Bitcoin

Staking is a great way to maximize your holdings in Wine Connect tokens. Once you have staked your Bitcoin through our service, you earn staking rewards which get distributed back to you in form of Wine Connect tokens to grow your holdings further.



We accept Bitcoin to stack and invest into our wineries.



Use our service and transfer the amount you want to invest to our designated wallet address.



Collect your rewards and grow your funds of Wine Connect tokens.

Requirements and Conditions

To invest and stake Bitcoin, certain requirements must be met.
Important is that we only accept an investment higher than $250. The transferred Bitcoin are locked for a minimum of three months. If the investment is not withdrawn after that, a new time lock frame starts. A dividend is distributed weekly in the form of Wine Connect tokens.

<$ 250

min. Bitcoin value


months min. duration

4 %

weekly expected rewards

Staking will be available soon